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I’m looking to buy a box for my tarot cards, can anyone perhaps recommend me some websites?

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.diary of a starseed. ~✧ .ƸӜƷ.✧ ~: Are You A Starseed?



A starseed is a very advanced soul who has spent the majority of their past lives reincarnating into other planets.

Most of these past lives are in places full of light and love, as their soul ascended beyond low frequency planets such as Earth long ago.
Starseeded souls simply operate on a higher frequency as they are aware that they are beings of light. 

Starseeds feel strong compassion for all living beings, especially for those who have not yet realized their true nature is of the soul. When a starseed looks at a planet such as the Earth, they cannot help but feel the inclination to try and help. Starseeds realize that we are one, and that by helping a planet ascend to higher levels of awareness we all grow in consciousness. 

Starseeds help by volunteering or being specifically chosen by the Universe to reincarnate into a world that operates on a low frequency. Their mission during the course of their life is to ultimately “plant seeds” of love and awareness that have a strong ripple effect among the population. 

Light always conquers darkness, so even just one starseeded soul among an entire planet of those living in darknesses has a marked effect on the overall ascension. 

However, when a starseed is born into the Earth their soul is under the same conditions of those souls bonded to that planet by the karmic wheel. What this means is that when they are born they suffer from soul amnesia, and do not realize who they really are initially. 

Many starseeds will feel isolated during the course of their life, as they feel no one truly understands them

They live through extremely compassionate eyes, viewing another as themself in all situations. Starseeds simply imagine they are in the person’s body seeing life out of their eyes and cannot help but feel empathy. They know everyone has their own model of the world, and that at heart everyone is good. 

From a young age the inner compassion is present, and many starseeds will simply assume everyone is the way that they are. Upon realizing that very few are as they are they will grow depressed as they simply cannot understand why others can be so harsh and cold. Starseeds have an inner delicateness as they view the world in idealistic terms, knowing that if humanity just accepted that all is one there would be no more struggle, pain, or desolate conditions.

Traditional religion does not appeal to starseeds, as they have a inner knowing of the way the Universe truly operates. When they read into the religious doctrines they feel they are limiting and based on fear, rather than of love. Many starseeds will study the various religions of the world trying to find one that fits, and ultimately they realize at some point in their life that the essence is more important than the structure. 

Many starseeds are fascinated by technology and the idea of extraterrestrials. They will often find themselves doing research on such topics despite the fact others will scoff at them. They know that life is born throughout all of the cosmos, and simply cannot accept otherwise.

Starseeds always feel a deep sense inside of being on a mission, and they will often feel agitated by not knowing what this mission is. Regardless, they just know in a deep way inside that there is something they should be doing, and will often spend their entire lives trying to uncover their true purpose. 

 When a starseed begins to come into awareness of their true purpose is a spectacular time in their life, as all of the struggles from their youth begin to melt away. They will grow to have tremendous faith in the creator, knowing that everything is perfect. They will not let the actions and opinions of others effect them, as they will just love them anyway


  • 65% are female: 35% are male
  • Compelling eyes
  • Great magnetism and personal charisma
  • Sensitive to electricity and electromagnetic fields
  • Lower body temperature than the norm
  • Chronic sinustis
  • Extra or transitional vertebra
  • Hypersensitivity to sound, light, odors
  • Swollen or painful joints
  • Pain in the back of the neck
  • Adversely affected by high humidity
  • Survived a life-threatening illness
  • Involved in a severe accident or trauma


  • Feel a tremendous sense of urgency to fulfill their missions
  • Experienced a sense of oneness with the universe
  • Many have difficulty dealing with / or expressing emotions or have a chemical imbalance

Extraterrestrial Experiences

  • All believe in life on other planets
  • Most believe that have lived on another planet and can tell you about it
  • At an early age they had some kind of extraterrestrial, religious or mystical experience
  • Believe they have encountered alien entities of an extraterrestrial or multidimensional level or a being of light
  • Telepathic communication with an alien entity - physical or non-physical
  • They receive some form of communication from a higher source


  • Believe in spirit guides or angels
  • Believe they have been blessed after the appearance of a holy figure
  • An intense religious experience
  • Believe in a creational source of energy
  • Believe in miracles/angels/protectors 
  • Had an invisible playmate as a child
  • Saw an elf or fairy as a child
  • Saw a ghost
  • Aware of parallel existence at this time in other worlds
  • Contact with deceased loved one
  • Believe in reincarnation
  • Have past life memories or / memories from parallel experiences

Psychic Development

  • Perform healing themselves and others
  • Experienced a white light during meditation
  • Experience clairvoyance and clairaudience
  • Prophetic dreams or visions that have come to pass
  • See auras
  • Practice automatic art
  • Practice automatic writing

This is all true, but it’s good to go beyond the labels of starseeds, indigos, etc… it’s all one, and labels simply cause more ideas of separation.
Millions are starseeds on this planet, it’s a beautiful thing… but don’t get too caught up in the label of it, as it can be a distraction from the entire purpose of why we’re here… to unite. Namaste.

It’s my understanding that labels simply make conversation easier. It only creates separation if you allow it to. Of course, this isn’t to say people don’t potentially create a separation when they use labels… simply, if the mind isn’t separating, no real separation exists (within said individual).  

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miscellaneous loves - Utonagans “Spirit of the Wolf”

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Roberto Morales

1. Light of Hope

2. Self Sacrifice

The top reminds me of Diamond Eyes album cover. 

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